Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An Open Letter to President Obama from the Future Unemployed Gen-Y

President Obama:

Since you're technologically savvy and probably have a Google alert on your name (I do), I know you're reading our blog (or at least the FBI/CIA/NSA/CTU are).  Maybe you're on your BlackBerry during halftime of an intense three-on-three game with your Cabinet.  How's Reggie Love playing today?  Oh; I hear Hillary throws some crazy elbows.  On a side note; she still hasn't forgiven you for beating her in the primaries.

Mr. President, I'm very excited because I have a huge pool of talent available to you.  No, we don't have much skill in road construction.  However, we are some of the top talent from universities across the country.  When we graduate we probably won't be employed, and six months from the time we cross the stage we're going to start paying off an average of $19,200 of student loans (based off 2004 numbers; with a 3% increase each year, I'm sure the number has gone up).  We're looking for opportunities to apply ourselves, and we have a few financial deadlines that are coming up quick.  We promise we work hard, have great ideas, and believe we can change the world.

You ran a campaign based off change, hope, and belief in our ability to make a difference.  We supported you at your primaries, Facebook clubs, rallies, and most importantly, election day.  We believed our voice could make a difference.  Now we ask that you let us be the change you described.  Don't just create jobs fixing infrastructure and building bridges; we can do so much more.  Create ways for us to tackle the world's most complicated problems.  Create ways for us to help the poor, solve global warming, increase volunteerism, and change people's daily lives for the better.  Create ways for us to be the change we wish to see in the world.

Heck, we'd probably do it for almost free (loans need to get paid somehow).

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