Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gen-Y Marketing: Do Something Foolish

That's it; no citations tonight.  No more caring about who sues me.  Blogs were made for people to rant, and gee golly whiz, I want to rant.

Since Josh and I started this blog, we really have become amazed at the generic application of "marketing" can magically become "Gen Y marketing."  Statements that the Hyundai Assurance program is a Gen Y marketing campaign is about the same as me saying I have a girlfriend; sure, I take her out and we spend hours alone, but I'm really just talking about my bicycle I ride 200+ miles per month.

Marketers want to get all slick and try to sell us...well, novelty.  Usually, they fail.  They try to sugarcoat their marketing or take generic marketing and say it's now "Gen Y" because it might indirectly apply to our demographic.  

Even if trends do change in Gen Y, marketing your product or creating brand recognition for a product is simple; do something obscene, funny, or make something blow up.

Need proof?  Say no more:
  • Obscene:  Andy Samberg dropped his latest hit "Jizz in My Pants" on SNL two months ago.  The following Monday, I had two different people come up and mention that skit, and the lyrics circulated among my Gen Y coworkers.  I had a friend come home from LA and one of her first questions to me; "Have you seen Jizz in My Pants?"  I was the 28,516,564th person to watch that video last night on Youtube (and the 28,516,655th...if you count replaying it at least once more).  You can't buy that kind of exposure.  More importantly, anybody over the age of 26 hates that kind of exposure.  This is perfectly Gen Y.
  • Funny: had a great ad over the Super Bowl about changing jobs.  The funniest part?  The fact that the obviously fake koala wearing glasses with a British accent gets punched in the face.  Twice.  Humor is a very base thing for us.  Yeah...we're real complicated.
  • Make something blow up: Nothing more here.  If you need proof a generation raised on Halo, Transporter 2, Goldeneye, and action movies full of kung-fu free violence, just read the news.  Or realize that the hype generated by the movie "Wanted" and the fact they made bullets bend around people's head just demonstrates how willing we are to fall for absolute gimmicks that have no basis whatsoever in reality.  Especially if it involves Angelina Jolie.  Rawr.
At the end of the day, it's really not about how slick you can make your ad, the dollars in your media budget, or what you promise us, or.  If you want buzz and/or you want hype, just do one of the three things mentioned above decently and you'll probably get yourself a nice little following.


Josh Groth said...

The very fact that as soon as I saw the picture, I started singing the song is proof enough that foolish does truly work.

Jenna said...

Seems like these are all male Gen-Y perspectives. Got any female ones?

Marilyn said...

Good rant Josh. Normally rants are not productive if all people do is complain. You talk about solutions, give suggestions, and really what it comes down to is about relationships that people can trust in these crumbling times.

I am glad I ran across your blog.

Marilyn Campiz

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