Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NASA Take Two: Stephen Colbert

Oh, NASA...the chips just aren't falling your way with Gen Y.  I first blogged about your attempt at social media; I predict fail.  Next, you somehow decide it'd be a great idea to let people vote online for the name of the new space module and put out lame names like "Serenity."  Worse yet, 40,000 people vote for it!  If you wanted to impress us, you could have at least tried Moonraker or Centrifugal Force.  At least those sound cool.  Since when was space supposed to be boring?  Battlestar Galactica is in space and it has clones.  And sex.  Both not boring.

Thank goodness Stephen Colbert caught wind of this vote and told his adoring fans to write him in.  Better yet, I'm glad he received 230,000 votes and beat out Serenity by ohhhh...8x the votes.  Although NASA doesn't seem like they'll name the module after him, I'm pleased they may offer to name the toilet after him.

Now I know that Stephen Colbert usually causes a ruckus by convincing his fans to vote him as a write-in for president and/or naming space modules after him.  However, did anyone at NASA think about the opportunity to use this free press from Stephen Colbert to appeal to Gen Y and get people interested once again in space?

Like Burger King and its cross-promotional misfire, NASA stands poised to look the other way and not capitalize on a great opportunity for free press and shoutouts from one of the most influential men on television.

Here are my ideas for NASA to capitalize on the Colbert:
  1. Name the toilet after him: This is probably the least classy thing NASA could do, but at least it'd be free press.  I could see an epic name like "The Seat of Truthiness" or "Russian Purgatory" or even "Communism Anger Demonstration Room" as relevant and somewhat in line with names like Serenity.
  2. Put a copy of his book in the space toilet room for pleasure reading: This is literally some velcro and a nail in the space toilet, and you'd have instant press.  Besides, what do space astronauts read in space when they need to relax while doing their business?  And where do they go to relax?  I mean...they can't go for a walk.
  3. Send Stephen Colbert to space: Seriously...that easy.  You'd have more viewership than your last four space launches combined.

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Jenna said...

Hahahaha! I freaking love it! Although I do get a little nervous when people get such a big following. While I believe Colbert is brilliant and I know a ton of people way smarter than me watch his show, there have been examples of mindless follow...perez hilton...that starts to freak me out.

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