Friday, March 20, 2009

Twitterati: Like Glitterati...but Nerdier

If any of you know what Glitterati means...spend less time on  If you're like me and maybe heard the phrase but have no idea what it means, make your way over to  It has definitions to many useful phrases (including all the rap words/phrases you sing but don't understand they really are gratuitous sexual references), and will help you navigate the pitfalls of cultural colloquialisms in conversations with your hip friends.

As defined by urbandictionary, Glitterati is a noun that means "Social elites.  Famed, fashionable, and learned.  The beautiful people."  Sadly, urbandictionary currently defines Twitterati as snotty members of society.  However, as it is with the English language, I think words should have more than one definition.

I believe Twitterati should refer to the growing group of people who use Twitter and/or social media to put on an aura of relevance but fail miserably.  Sadly, just because you can buy Louis Vuitton luggage or have the exact same pair of Slim Taper American Apparel skinny jeans as Lindsay Lohan, that doesn't entitle you to hang with Kanye or hang out with Sam.  However, it does mean you probably spent too much money on your carry-on and should really buy some baggier jeans.

The ultimate reality is this; just because you sit there and say, "Ooooh!  I have Twitter!  I'm sooo relevant and trendy," that does not necessarily make you relevant and trendy.  For some who get into the Twitter game, it's analogous to glittering up Miss Piggy, calling her a supermodel, and throwing her on the catwalk.  Everybody sees that she doesn't belong...except her (and the people who had the grand idea to put her there in the first place).  Companies and organizations legitimately delude themselves every day that Twitter is the answer and fail to look at if they actually are relevant, know their consumer, and offer great products and services to its end user.  The good news is, failing at Twitter is cheap; the bad news is they're deluding themselves that Twitter is their answer.

The latest person to delude themselves by thinking that Twitter will cure their problems, help them win loyal customers, and generally improve their livelihood?  You guessed it; the GOP!  The Republicans are working with Patrick Ruffini to evolve their game.  You can check out the article here.  

Ideologically struggling, this group launched has a mission statement; the first key element in their plan is, "Win the battle of technology with the Democrats."  This is just so sad.  A party that arguably struggles with ideology, lacks meaningful leadership and any response to President Obama's charm, fails to connect with most people in Gen Y, and a host of other issues has chosen it's number one issue as winning the battle of technology against its rival.  Don't you think that winning the battle of technology might be a good idea to focus on after you figure out what you want your message to be??

I must confess; I'm not a Republican.  Then again, I'm not a Democrat.  I just am pointing out an obvious truth; even if you put a gold ring in a pig's's still a pig.  No matter how good your medium is, it fails without a powerful and relevant message to your end consumer.  The GOP seems to lack any message at this point of its long and stories history, and I fear it will be another proud member of the Twitterati in a short time.


Barb said...

I'm neither a republican nor democrat, nor am I GenY. No matter how slick or high tech or charming either party decides to be, it's action that influences my vote and my opinion. Using high tech communication may have gotten Obama elected (and kudos to his brilliant team for their their high tech outreach), but his actions are what's going to make him or break him in '12.

LOVE your blog. Hope you can put up with a high tech middle aged marketing director.

Phil Jones said...

@ barb; hey...unlike corporate America, we certainly don't age discriminate :) So glad you like what we're putting out; let us know any opinions or advice you may have!

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