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Consumers React To Pizza Hut's Rebranding Efforts

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As a follow-up to my previous post on the rebranding of Pizza Hut to “The Hut,” I thought that it would be interesting to highlight consumer’s reactions to the news. So, I went to several prominent news sources that posted the article, as well as several popular social bookmarking websites such as Digg and Reddit. I then copied and pasted them here so that you can get an idea of how consumers are reacting to the rebranding efforts (none of the posts have been edited). Some of them are offensive, others are crass. However, the majority of them are pretty hilarious.

From the article’s thread on

HAL_9000: “Already printing up stickers in the same font style that just say "JABBA" on them to be ready.”

alesis: “Yes! Eat pizza at The Hut and wind up like Jabba!”

Rantastic: “Because naming your restaurant after the fattest villain in cinema history is a good marketing strategy. I hope they fire that marketing team and kick them in the balls for good measure.”

Shiggityx2: “Seriously, "The Pizza" would have been way cooler.”

From the article’s thread on


Mika Hutchison: “It sounds like a very bad joke. Too bad it's not. Lame.”

Robobot: “I was dearly hoping to see a link to The Onion at the bottom of this post.”

From the article’s thread on MSN Money

Fedup in VA: “Wow, wheel of fortune. Can't get any hipper than that.”

jimmyjoejack: “a little late for an april fool's joke!”

Amanda Hugankiss: “They should start by serving beer. Who wants to hang out and JUST eat pizza and maybe watch a little "Wheel"? I'll have a Sam Adam's with that cheese pizza, then we'll talk about hanging out.”

healthyeatin’girl: “These fast food restaurants can change their names a hundred times and they're still going to have the same greasy, unhealthy food and the image that comes with that.”

chaostheory6682: “This is Pathetic!!! I will never eat at a pizza hut again, o sorry,"the hut ". I'm so sick and tired of companies and people changing and often shortening their names in an attempt to look more hip. It's bull and I won't have anything to do with it.”

Throttlemonster: How about "Jabba the Hut"

Caffeine Clone: “Hmmm. The Hut... makes me think of Jabba the Hutt... which makes me think of something grotesquely fat and disgusting... qualities that I am sure that Pizza Hut doesn't want to bring to mind when thinking about their restaurant.”

theadrock13: “I just called a few friends and asked what do you think of when you hear the name "The Hut" as a place to go eat or hang out. Everybody says it sounds like a gay bar.”

Michaellane: “The Hut? Ewww. Sounds like some 70'sish- Long Island-Christian rock-coke drinking-"Wheel" watching-hipster-dude, (or Travis from WKRP) saying ‘let's do The Hut guys!, come on- it's almost six o'clock.”

Rittenhouse-Wise Family: “I think that it is hilarious that they think young people want to sit around and watch CBS... My dad watched Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. As far as Entertainment Tonight... Don't we get most of our entertainment info from the net anyway? Hilarious... Next thing they will do is add a disco ball and take names at the door... LOL”

From the article’s thread on

fiendishMuffin: “Good luck getting people to not say "Pizza Hut." Saying "The Hut" makes me feel like a tool.”

seattlegirluw: “Maybe they watched Spaceballs too many times?”

onechad: “Maybe I'm just completely out of the cool-people loop (okay, I definitely am), but it seems to me that the harder a business tries to be "hip," the less likely they are to be viewed as such. It's like when parents try to use slang to sound younger and relate to their kids.”

FirstOne1: "Let's order The Hut tonight!" Sounds pretty stupid actually.

BDOUG: “...this will simply remind people of Jabba the Hutt, probably not a good idea when you want to sell fast food. I have a better idea, how about not putting 14,000 tablespoons of sugar into your nasty pizza sauce instead?”

MrColdHeart: “Add wifi and beer and I would go.”

greenvortex: “Leia felt chained down by her Job at the Hut.”

relaxeder: “They will include televisions that broadcast CBS-programs such as Wheel of Fortune and Entertainment Tonight." Oh boy, I can't wait to watch crap while I'm eating it.”

ErrorLoading: “Let's connect with youth by showing "Wheel of Fortune"! Are these people like 900 years old and consider 60 year old's youth?”

SnuKs: “Jabba?”

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